PSA: Please don't use GroupMe. It's a proprietary, centralised network "service" that gobbles up all your data. It's also absolute trash and is no more usable than something like Matrix, DeltaChat, etc.


It is true that you use it without their proprietary client (via SMS). But much like the Slack IRC bridge, don't expect it to stay up forever. It's also not feature complete by any means, and still sweeps up your data. Plus, it's owned by Microsoft, and let's not forget EEE...

Remember when Google Hangouts removed XMPP support?

Just like that.

@rick_777 @polaris
If they did, it probably wasn't too importnat, because it was way after the day when most federated XMPP servers started requiring TLS. And Google Talk didn't support TLS for XMPP.

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