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Hey friends, I've moved to @polarisfm. This instance will be sunset at the end of the month.

Hey friends. I'm phasing out this Mastodon instance. I'm in university now, money is tighter than it used to be. I'm moving to @polarisfm. Follow me there if you'd like.

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I don’t seek the permission of gatekeepers.

I seek to fix the world.

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#UK and #Ireland folks!

If you are looking for a good way to stay fit and healthy whilst learning how to defend yourself and your comrades in these dark times, checkout the "red gym" movement in a city near you:

Brighton - Left Hook
Cambridge - Cambridge Socialist Club
Edinburgh - James Connolly Sports Club
Leeds - Leeds Fight Club
London - Solstar Sports Association
Manchester - Street Edge & 0161 Festival
Reading - Reading Red Corner
Dublin - Red Phoneix Sports Club
Birmingham - Athletic Community Action Birmingham

Please boost!

#RedGyms #Fitness #MartialArts #DualPower #MutualAid

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Making the Fediverse more resistant to embrace, extend, extinguish 

First day of uni classes. I hope this goes well ;P

It is true that you use it without their proprietary client (via SMS). But much like the Slack IRC bridge, don't expect it to stay up forever. It's also not feature complete by any means, and still sweeps up your data. Plus, it's owned by Microsoft, and let's not forget EEE...

PSA: Please don't use GroupMe. It's a proprietary, centralised network "service" that gobbles up all your data. It's also absolute trash and is no more usable than something like Matrix, DeltaChat, etc.

It is a rather strange license, though... I had to read sure it to make sure it was libre. It's strangely verbose for something that could be a modified BSD 3-Clause license.

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RT @karlgroves@twitter.com

Websites that don't allow you to paste in passwords: You're screwing up security, not helping it.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/karlgroves/status/

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What services or companies do you feel most infringe upon your #privacy rights? Please add a comment for others...

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people advertising their discord guilds on the fediverse is so perverse

finally got free from some centralized control, then advertise centralized services

????? it's so messed up

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I may demonize memory unsafe languages a lot

but a proprietary program written in fully dependent types in a memory safe language with many tests and correctness proofs is still worse than a FOSS one in straight x86 asm

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Curiosity poll:

If you regularly work on software development, how often do you work code out using pen and paper?

Uni seems free of proprietary bullshit (so far). I can use GCC and neovim for my CS class and Eduroam's auth script is libre. 🤘

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