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The beauty of the :fediverse: Fediverse is that users always have the option of moving or having another account on other instances with more open federation policies if that's what they prefer.

It's not about censorship. It's not about white-knighting or virtue signalling. It's about creating a safe space for our users, who are here precisely because other social medias don't provide them this sort of moderated space.

Where we fail, personal blocks can pick up the slack.


"Living in a surveillance state is pretty continent, please let us scan your face and send it to DHS!"

get 1% c a s h b a c k in exchange for all your data and a waver of your rights

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The city of Detroit has installed thousands of cameras that are comparing images of everyday people against driver licenses and mugshots, @nytimes reports nytimes.com/2019/07/08/us/detr

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Congress wants Google and Facebook to tell users exactly how much their personal data is worth. "Whatever the exact value that gets assigned to our attention... a little more transparency will remind us that "free" isn't free," via @wired. wired.com/story/senators-want-

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If you were invited to join a voice/screen sharing chat oriented community what software would you prefer?

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Some California legislators are considering weakening the California Consumer Privacy Act. Here’s how, and how you can stop them. act.eff.org/action/california-

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@alcinnz it's gonna be slower when ISPs go the next step against net neutrality and start lowering the bandwidth for non-authorized services by default. :|

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Ppl get annoyed about local politics and I get it. But this is the shit that affects your day to day. This is what decides if you’re getting 5 yrs for J-walking or a condescending finger wag. This shit decides if you’re going to be a rent refugee moving apt to apt every single year or whether you have actual rent control so you can plant roots. This makes and breaks entire lives. And these ARE battles we can actually win.

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And the proxy directory is live!

It's listed on the main page with the rest of my services so you can find it easily. So far, there are only two proxies but I'll add more when I get requests.


By the way, I plan on doing some really basic stuff I've been neglecting to do with my instance soon. Now that I'm out of school I have time to write up my ToS and that kind of thing.

Hey friends, sorry for being offline most of the day. I'm visiting a friend out of town. I just got the news about Gab federating and I'm pleased to say I've defederated with all known Gab domains. I'm headed to sleep. Goodnight, and fuck the fascists. :ancomheart:

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what’s a politicians favorite arcade game? 

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RT @EFF@twitter.com

15 years ago, EFF's @doctorow@twitter.com told Microsoft:

1. That DRM systems don't work

2. That DRM systems are bad for society

3. That DRM systems are bad for business

4. That DRM systems are bad for artists

5. That DRM is a bad business-move

He was right.


🐦🔗: twitter.com/EFF/status/1146506

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slight tech discourse adjacent thing:
i think it might be worth paying attention to making discussions about free software / open source / privacy / security / etc a bit more understandable to outsiders

this is not really about anyone or anything recent, just a general thing I've been trying to do

IMHO there is a good deal of info here that non-techies could benefit from but is buried under a pile of jargon that also masks the importance of the matter

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I’ve spent my academic career trying (in my limited way) to undo the privacy damage computers have done to our society, but what’s the point when Facebook wants to make a few bucks. This makes me ill.


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